2020-21 Class Assemblies

Year 3 Nativity 2020

Year 3 present a COVID-19 friendly version of their 2020 nativity. Traditionally, Year 3 presents their nativity at All Saints church for both the school community and parents to share. Unfortunately, the pandemic has meant that we could not use the church but, instead, the Year 3 team have filmed what they would have presented and here is the result for everyone to enjoy. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen: Miss Matthews, Miss Thandi and Mr Thomas, together with Mrs Klinker and Mrs Sawle.

Class 3.2 Assembly

Class 6.2 Assembly 9.10.2020

Class 6.2 help us understand why Rosa Parks is an important figure in Black History.

Class 6.1 Assembly 2.10.2020

The first of our class assemblies falling within Black History Month. The focus here is on musicians of African and Caribbean heritage.

Class 5.2 Assembly 25.9.2020

Class 5.1 Assembly 18.9.2020

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Virtual Open Morning & School Tour

Virtual Open Morning November 2020

This is a recording of the Open Morning we held on 16.11.2020 for prospective parents. It comprises a presentation by Mr Rhodes, the Headteacher, a short video which introduces parents to the school, our wonderful children and their work and closes with a Q&A session. Once you've had the opportunity to watch this through and have further questions, please contact us via the School Office. Our plan is that, once the lockdown ends on 2nd December, we will be re-opening the school to COVID-friendly tours.

Introductory Video to the School

Mr Rhodes and the Senior Leadership Team present a short video about our wonderful school and the work we do here.

All Saints Virtual Tour - Inside

All Saints Virtual Tour - Outside

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Year 3

English - Monday 22nd February 2021 - Traditional Tales

Lesson Objectives: I can create a detailed summary of the Princess and the Pea traditional tale. I can summarise a traditional tale. I know what a traditional tale is.

3.3 Circle Time Live - Safer Internet Day - Friday 12th February

This live session looked at whether we should trust or check different scenarios on the internet. It was largely discussion based with pupils listening to each others opinions with lots of interactive parts.

3.3 Live Maths Session - Thursday 11th February 2021

This is the first live maths session and the second on our maths unit of measuring. Today we focussed on metres and aimed to predict whether objects were greater than or less than a metre. Pupils completed activities throughout the video and then were able to apply their measuring knowledge after the session also.

3.3 Circle Time - Friday 5th February 2021

This was the first of our circle time activities where children brought a book with them and shared it with the class. It was the first time that pupils have been able to see each other in a live session since December. Mr Thomas ended the circle time with a reflective poem and also informed about future live sessions.

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