Virtual Open Morning & School Tour

Virtual Open Morning November 2020

This is a recording of the Open Morning we held on 16.11.2020 for prospective parents. It comprises a presentation by Mr Rhodes, the Headteacher, a short video which introduces parents to the school, our wonderful children and their work and closes with a Q&A session. Once you've had the opportunity to watch this through and have further questions, please contact us via the School Office. Our plan is that, once the lockdown ends on 2nd December, we will be re-opening the school to COVID-friendly tours.

Introductory Video to the School

Mr Rhodes and the Senior Leadership Team present a short video about our wonderful school and the work we do here.

All Saints Virtual Tour - Inside

All Saints Virtual Tour - Outside

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Fr. Jeremy & Open The Book Assemblies

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul

Fr Jeremy leads us through the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, which falls at the end of June and usually coincides with our CommUNITY Celebration Day. While the coronavirus might have stopped the CommUNITY Day celebrations, it has not stopped Fr Jeremy. Take a few minutes to listen to and consider his words.

18th May 2020: Fr Jeremy on Easter, Ascension & Pentecost

Fr Jeremy on the Colours of the Christian Seasons

Fr Jeremy talks through the colours of the Christian seasons and what they symbolise.

Fr Jeremy - Easter 2020 Message

In March 2020, the world was hit by the coronavirus pandemic. Social gatherings were prohibited, schools were closed as were places of worship. While we could not undertake our usual Easter celebration, as performed by Year 4, Fr Jeremy was still able to leave us a message for the Easter season.

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Year 4

The Explorer Chapter 11 Part 2

The Explorer Chapter 11 - The Monkeys and the Bees - Part 1

The Explorer Chapter 10 Abacaxi

Our Seas and Oceans

Have a biome tour of the coastal seas and high seas (oceans). Discover the wildlife species and the problems they face due to human activity. Think about how we can play a role in creating a more sustainable future through our own actions locally.

Our grasslands

Have a biome tour of the grasslands, also known as: prairies, steppes, meadows, savanna or pampas. Grasslands support huge numbers of grazing animals, many of which are constantly on the move travelling long distances to graze on fresh grass. As the world population has grown more grasslands have converted to farmland causing conflicts for the wildlife. Discover sustainable farming methods and how we can help through our own actions locally.

The Explorer Chapter 9- Sardines

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