Year 4

The Explorer Chapter 11 Part 2

The Explorer Chapter 11 - The Monkeys and the Bees - Part 1

The Explorer Chapter 10 Abacaxi

Our Seas and Oceans

Have a biome tour of the coastal seas and high seas (oceans). Discover the wildlife species and the problems they face due to human activity. Think about how we can play a role in creating a more sustainable future through our own actions locally.

Our grasslands

Have a biome tour of the grasslands, also known as: prairies, steppes, meadows, savanna or pampas. Grasslands support huge numbers of grazing animals, many of which are constantly on the move travelling long distances to graze on fresh grass. As the world population has grown more grasslands have converted to farmland causing conflicts for the wildlife. Discover sustainable farming methods and how we can help through our own actions locally.

The Explorer Chapter 9- Sardines

The Explorer Chapter 8- Maiden Voyage

The Explorer Chapter 7- The Raft

The Explorer Chapter 6- Fire

The Explorer Chapter 5- Food (Almost)

The Explorer- Chapter 4- The River

The Explorer- Chapter 3, The Den

Our Forests

Explore the different types of forest biomes around the world. Find out where they are and what they are like by taking a closer look at the nature and what humans do in the environment.

Chapter 2- The Green Dark

The Explorer by Katherine Rundell- Chapter 1

Our Frozen World

This is a recording of the Frozen World Presentation found on So you can see the video. The video is a simplified version of the wwf explorable globe.

Geography biomes and climate zones

This PowerPoint relates to task 3 on ClassDojo and will further your understanding of biomes around the world. You will look at areas or countries to find out what biome they are in and what climate zone. Then choose any country in the world and use the knowledge you have to complete the postcard.

Rumble in the Jungle

Picture books are wonderful for all ages and this one compliments our English unit and summer term topic about biomes. Listen to the rhyme and limericks as you enter the jungle and explore this noisy collection of contemporary poems.

Commotion in the ocean - reading for fun!

Picture books are suitable for all ages and this one is particularly useful for the English unit and our summer topic about biomes. Listen to the rhyme and limericks in this delightful collection of poems. Can you spot the rhyming words and create some of your own in the theme of the ocean?

Geography - where are biomes located?

A PowerPoint to accompany ClassDojo summer term geography task 2.