Year 4

Spud Murphy Chapter 5

Maths Friday 5 March 2021

RE, Weds 3 March 2021

English Tuesday 2nd March

Science Monday 1st March

Computing- Tuesday 2/2/21

World Book Day- Thursday 4/2/21

English - Mon 1 March

PSHE- Monday 29/2/21

Maths 26.2.21

Ordering money

English 26.02.21

Grammar subordinate clauses

English Thurs 25.2.21

Chapter 2 Spud Murphy

Science- Monday 22/02/21

History- Thursday 25.2.21

RE - Weds 24.02.21

Art- Tuesday 23.2.21

Computing- Tuesday 23.2.21

PSHE Monday 22.2.21

Sp2 W1 L1 English 22.2.1

Penguins reading comprehension - how do we retrieve information from a text?

Sp2 W1 L1 Maths

for 22.2.21

MATHS Friday 12.02.21 Money Reasoning 4.3

Maths Friday 12.02.21

Group 1 Spelling Test


Group 2 Spelling test


Group 3 Spellings 12.02.21

PSHE- Thursday 11.2.21

English Wednesday 10.02.2021

RE - The Golden Temple

for 10.2.21

4,2 English- Weds 10.2.21

Art- Wednesday 10.2.21

Maths Pentagons Tues 09.02.21

English Tuesday 09.02.21

Monday 8 Feb English

Maths Monday 08.02.21

4.2 Maths Monday - Equivalent fractions

Apostrophe or Not?

Grammar 12.2.21

Geography- Tuesday 9/2/21

Computing- Monday 8/2/21

Feb 4 Triangles more information

PSHE (Thursday 4/2/21)

Group 3 Week 3 Spelling

for 5.2.21

Group 2 Week 3 Words Spelling Test

for 5.2.21

Group 1 Spelling Test for 5.2.21

1 Feb Mon Science lesson presentation video

Art Wednesday 3rd February

Computing Monday 1st February

RE 3.2.21

English Comprehension 5.2.21

Maths 5.2.21

English Part 2 Thursday 28th January

Fractions help for 28.1.21

28 Jan Thurs French consolidating numbers to 31 and learning months

PSHE Thursday 28th January

RE Weds 27th Jan

English 27th January

English 26th January

Maths 25th Jan Alternative lesson

This lesson is only for those children who have been assigned it.

English Monday 25th January

Art Wednesday 27th January

Geography Tuesday 26th January

Computing Monday 25th January

Week 2 Spelling Test Group 3

for 29.1.21

English 29.1.21

Maths 29.1.21

Group 1 Week 2 Words Spelling Test

for 29.1.21

Group 2 Week 2 Words spelling test

For 29.1.21

Group 1 Week 1 Words test 22.1.21

Group 2 Week 2 Spelling 22.1.21

Icarus Part 2 Friday 22.1.21

Icarus Part 1

Group 3 Spelling 22.1.21

Maths 22.1.21

English Thursday 21st January

21 Jan Thurs French lesson

Thursday 21st January PSHE

RE Weds 20th Jan

English Wednesday 20th January

English Tuesday 19th January

English Monday 18th Jan

18 Jan Monday Science States of Matter Lesson 2

Investigating presence of Gases

Mon 18 Jan Maths WR L6 Recap 2-digit by 1-digit multiplication lesson

WR lesson presentation with audio

Tuesday 19th January Topic (Geography) Lesson

Wednesday 20th January Art Lesson

Thurs 14 Jan English Town Mouse and Country Mouse Audio with presentation

Writing Group 1

For Mrs N's year 4 writing groups. Show don't tell techniques.

English Thursday 14th January

Thurs 14 Jan French Classroom instructions

Thurs 14 Jan Maths Ex lesson MF

PSHE Thursday 14th January

15 Jan Fronted Adverbials

15 Jan Maths lesson

15 Jan Group 1 Spelling

15 Jan Group 2 Spelling

15 Jan Spelling Group 3

Computing Monday 18th January

RE Wednesday 13th January

English Wednesday 13th January 2020

Maths Wed 13 Jan Efficient Multiplication Deep Extension video

English Tuesday 12th January

Maths Tues 12 Jan Factor Pairs Lesson MF

Year 4 Spring Term 2021 Science States of Matter Lesson 1

English Monday 11th January

11 Jan 2021 ST1 Maths WRose L2

Teaching Video by MF going through the White Rose powerpoint.

Maths alternative

Alternative maths for some children

Music Friday 8th January

Music login information

Maths lesson 8.1.20

Mrs Naylor's Maths lesson for Friday

English Lesson for Year 4 Thursday 7th January 2021

Tuesday 12th Jan Geography Lesson 1

English Friday 8th January

Mrs Naylor's lesson

Weds 13th Jan Art (lesson 1)

Mon 11th Jan Computing (Lesson 1)

Thurs 7th Jan PSHE (Lesson 1)

Maths Thursday 17.12.2020

Thursday's Maths Lesson

Maths 18.12

Watch this before trying the activity